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First things first. There are two types of translations:

  • Direct, which is where the translator takes a work in a foreign language and puts it into their native language. This is the simplest type of translation and what most translators do.
  • Reverse, which is where the translator takes a work from their native language and puts it into a foreign language. Few translators can manage reverse translations because of the idiomatic demand reverse translations place on them.

You see, for any translation, it's imperative the translator respect the voice of the original material while adapting the text into something that reads natural, as if a native speaker had written it. This is something at which I excel. Not only am I a native Spanish speaker and writer, but I am also a natural English speaker and writer. In fact, I do what few translators must. I write and speak both languages every single day. I have for years. This extends me the unique ability to grasp the linguistic and extra-linguistic characteristics of either, and offer direct and reverse translations.

With more than 15 years of experience in the translation field, I deliver quality translations for:

  • Fiction and Nonfiction literary works.
  • Website, blog, and software application localization.
  • Leaflets, brochures, and other branding materials, including advertisements.
  • Medical and mental health documents, articles, and books.

A translation is charged per word. Contact me so we can get your translation going today!

Let's Get Started!

Simply provide me with a brief description of your translation needs. Include the length of the text, subject matter, and the format in which you'll be sending the text (Word, Pages, or hard-copy and the like). Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask them!