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Title: Someone Like You

Author: Alexandra Silva

Genre: Contemporary Romance


About Someone Like You:

Dorian Anson is my friend. She’s the only person who’s ever questioned my smiles. My jokes. The one liners that have our friends shaking their heads at me. I’ve lived my life on those smiles. They never failed me, until her. I wasn’t counting on her when I designed my front. I never imagined the possibility of someone like her coming into my life. The wild hair, the kind smile and those eyes that see everything. She was the girl with the beautiful soul, pretty face and whole heart. But hearts aren’t made to stay whole. I watched hers break. I watched her tears fall. I watched as her world tilted on its axis and shattered at her feet. This girl. She sees me, all parts of me—the truths I try to hide, the secrets I bury. What’s mine and what’s not. She sees it all, and I can only hope the truth isn’t too much. That she won’t walk away. That she won’t leave me…alone. We both have a past. We have ghosts. We have fears. I’m hoping that somehow in the end, we’ll have each other too. I’ve never needed anyone before her, and I know I’ll never want anyone else after her. There is no one like her. My pretty girl. Dorian.

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I ended the call and dropped my phone onto the polished concrete counter. Daniel’s excited voice chimed from the hallway as he answered the intercom, confirming it was Jake, and then let him in.

He opened our front door and stood quite literally jumping from foot to foot. I could feel the excitement emanating off him, and I had to admit, that even I was a little on the chirpy side for seeing Jake tonight.

“You don’t have to stand there and wait with me.” He smiled at me as he glanced down the stairwell.

“Alright, but stay away from the railing, okay?”


“Okay, stay by the door.”

As soon as he moved back to the threshold I wandered back into the flat, sticking the kettle on as I looked for something to do to get rid of the jittery energy coursing through me. I opened and closed the steaming dishwasher checking to see if it was ready to unload, even though its tell-tale loud beeps hadn’t sounded the end of the programme yet.

I glanced down my body, pulling down at the hem of my black vest and then pulling the deep scoop neckline up to hide my braless cleavage. I tugged at my leggings, hoping that my knickers weren’t showing. Stupidly I even checked my toenails for any chips…

What to do? What. To. Do?

I checked my emails on my phone and was about to reply to the most urgent one when Jake’s deep laugh sounded through the hallway to the living area. Daniel’s excited one-hundred miles an hour chatter chasing it up.

“What on earth?” He paused in the middle of the room, his gaze wide as he took in the mess I’d made of the TV unit.

“I told you!”

“She’s really done a number here, huh?”

“Who’s she? The cat’s mother?” I said from where I was still leaning on the kitchen counter. “Hi.”

“Did you want to pull every cable out?” he chuckled as he made his way to the kitchen.

“Don’t.” I rolled my eyes at his teasing. “I’m embarrassed enough as it is. You’d have thought that after eight years of doing this parent thing, I’d have it all sussed.”

“You’ve got enough sussed, anymore and you’d really be a know it all, and no one likes a know it all.” He took his keys and wallet out of his pocket and put them on the counter, in the same place he always did. It was like there was a marking for where his things belonged on my kitchen side. He followed it up with a small paper bag branded with my favourite patisserie’s logo. “I thought you might need something to even out this disaster.”

I tried so hard to bite down the smile that forced itself onto my face, “You didn’t even know what you were walking into.”

“No, but I figured you’d need something sweet to let go of the grudge you’re holding against the console.” He laughed.

“I don’t think it likes me very much either.”

“Well…” he chirped as he pulled out a small box from the bag and placed it in front of me and then took out a bag of Magic Stars and one of Daniel’s favourite giant chocolate buttons.

“You bring me fancy confectionery and you only have baby chocolates?”

“Baby chocolates?” I couldn’t help but giggle at the quirk of his brow. “I’ll have you know that these are better than any macaroon you could put in front of me.”

“If you say so, baby Jake.” I teased as I turned to make myself a long, milky coffee and him his usual short espresso.

“You’d think that after all these years, you’d accept that I have a pretty loyal relationship with these.”

“Oh, I accept it, but I still don’t understand it. Even Daniel’s grown out of those. You know they’re eighty percent sugar, right?” I tempered my coffee with a generous drop of milk before I took his caffeine shot from the Nespresso machine I barely used with the exception of when he or Willow visited.

It was only then I noticed that he was unusually quiet. There was a cloudy, wistful look on his face which he tried to conceal with a shake of his head and a wide smile the moment he realised I was studying him.

“Thank you,” he murmured as he took the tiny cup from my hand, his fingers brushing mine and even though he had it well in his grip, he lingered momentarily. His smile went a little lax and fell even from his eyes as they wandered down my body, blinked rapidly and then flitted back to mine. His tongue did that thing where it wet his plush lip before he sucked it between his teeth. His nose flared as he took in a long breath…

Oh man, I could feel my cheeks heat as I struggled to look away from him.

“Yes!” I pulled my hand back a little too quickly as Daniel perched himself up on the kitchen counter and made for the packet of buttons. “Are you going to stay for a little bit after we’ve connected the PlayStation? We could play Sonic again. I think I can beat you now.”

“One game and then it’s bedtime, buddy.”

“One game? That’s nothing, one tournament, please, Mum? It’s the weekend.”

“We could be here a long time with a tournament,” Jake said as he threw a few chocolate stars in his mouth and followed them up with his shot of coffee. “How about we do one of those six game matches. You win and I’ll get you the game on your iPad, but you can only play when your mum says it’s okay.”

“Deal.” Daniel jumped down from the counter and raced to the sitting area, “Come on then, we don’t have time to lose here!”

“Slave driver.” Jake muttered with a grin as he tipped a few more chocolate bits into his mouth and then sauntered off towards Daniel and the mess that was my TV unit.

“You started his obsession with that game.” I took one of the small macaroons and took a slow, delicious bite. My eyes closed as the rich nutty, chocolate goodness made me sigh, “Mmmm, these are the best I’ve ever had.”

I opened my eyes, still enjoying the lingering pleasure on my taste buds, to find Jake ogling me. His jaw a little too tense and his fledgling smile completely gone.


He shook his head as he took a deep breath, his hands running through his hair as he muttered something to himself and spun back towards the sofa.


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About the Author:

Alexandra Silva is a lover of words and romance. She blames the classics and a nutty English teacher for her obsession with books and fiction. Come rain or shine with either coffee or wine in hand you can find her with her nose stuck in a book and her head in the clouds. She lives in London outnumbered by her very loud boys, with her very own hero and their two wild cats–Jack and Jill.  

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