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#BookTour and #Giveaway: Hot Spell, by @MiaLondonAuthor and @SusieWriter #contemporary #romance #excerpt


Today we have the blog tour of HOT SPELL by Mia London & Susan Sheehey! Check it out and grab your copy today!!

Title: Hot Spell

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Hot Spell:
She never trusted love. He never believed he’d be worthy.

An emergency vacation at a luxury Mexican resort is a foolproof pick-me-up for Jordan Beck’s broken-hearted bestie. Former Olympic-hopeful, Jordan has planned a getaway worthy of a perfect score: nightly parties, exotic drinks, and sandy beaches. She never expected to find perfection in the resort’s emerald-eyed bartender.

Life’s a gift to Zac Durant, and he’s determined to live it to the fullest. Tending bar at a resort is a small price to pay if it means he can scuba and surf every day in paradise. He’s content—until a Latina beauty struts across his pool patio and orders his best drink.  Although Zac isn’t the kind to hook up with guests, he can’t resist the petite sexy woman who makes his world flip cartwheels.

This sensual interlude in paradise should be just a vacation fling, but sparks explode into fireworks, and they are tempted to believe it’s something real. When the illusion of perfection fades, Jordan must decide if love is worth a shot at the gold.


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The two bartenders and their backwaits flew around the bar like someone hit the fast-forward button on a drink-pouring ballet. Their moves were seamless and coordinated, each performing their duties with precision and ease. One would blend, the other would shake a tumbler, then move into garnishing while simultaneously pouring shots, each step merging with the next, having the other’s back.

Jordan couldn’t keep her stare off Zac. A few women around the bar tried to flirt with him, and he’d always respond with a smile or a chuckle never took it too far. As if appearing available, but never being available.

Because the man was definitely not available. At least not this week. He was all Jordan’s.

He whirled back around and finished their lava flows. Marco topped off their drinks with umbrella straws and pineapple garnishes. He threw a cherry into Liddy’s, and

winked.Jordan caressed Zac’s hand.He leaned in and muttered into her ear from over the counter, “You look incredible in those shorts.”

She tugged at the hem of the black fabric, stretching just past her ass cheeks, which made her short legs look longer, especially in her high heel wedges. She pulled him closer. “They are easy to remove in a hurry.”

Zac groaned and bit his lower lip. His lustful stare was so enticing.

She couldn’t wait for after the party.The girls held up their drinks.“As my grandfather would say,” Jordan began, “Arriba, abajo, al centro, y adentro! Salud!”

Sam smirked. “What does that mean?”

“Glasses up, glasses down, to the front, and gulp it down.”

They laughed, and clinked their drinks and downed them in a few guzzles.

Loud drums boomed over the space, and fire lit up the stage on the far end.

Two bare-chested men twirled flaming sticks into the air, drawing the crowd closer. Whistles pierced the air when they tossed the fire batons back and forth at each other, while spewing flames from their mouths.

Jordan glanced at Zac a few times, his face flickering in the light cast by the flames. The heat escalated higher, her skin glistening more with every fire toss.

The show only lasted a few minutes, ending with a Lady Gaga remix thumping through air.

Liddy squealed. “Dance floor! Now!”

Jordan blew a kiss at Zac, and followed the girls.



Sweet Escape Series:

Three best friends find love, laughter, and lots of trouble during their annual girls’ trips. On these getaways, all-inclusive takes on a new, steamy meaning.

The new Sweet Escape series by co-authors Mia London & Susan Sheehey is the perfect beach read! Super steamy paradise in three, hilarious romance adventures.


Grab DRY SPELL, out now!

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Pre-Order COLD SPELL, releasing October 3rd!

Amazon: US | UK | DE | FR | ES | IT | NL | JP | BR | IN | MEX | AUS | CAN

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About the Authors:

About Susan:

Susan Sheehey writes contemporary romance, romantic suspense and women’s fiction. The Knights of Texas series (contemporary romance novellas) is available on Kindle. The Royals of Solana series (romantic suspense & adventure) is available on all e-retailers and in paperback, along with her contemporary romance standalone, Audrey’s Promise. Water plays a crucial element in all of her novels, and she’s a strong advocate for Autism Awareness. She tried to give up Diet Coke, and it didn’t take. When not writing, she’s chasing after her two children, and being pampered by her husband in Texas.

Follow her at www.SusanSheehey.com or on Facebook, Twitter @SusieWriterAmazon, and BookBub. Join her monthly newsletter for goodies and sneak peaks.


Website | Facebook | Twitter | BookBub | Newsletter


About Mia:

Mia loves to write!

She’s been reading fiction for years and finally decided that the images and scenes floating around in her head needed to make it to paper.

She’s a huge fan of romance, highly optimistic, and wildly faithful to the HEA (happily ever after). She’s inspired by most anything around her. And her biggest obstacle is not having enough time to get it all down on paper (or my computer, as the case may be).

Her goal is create a fantasy you will enjoy with characters you could love.

She lives in Texas with her attentive, loving, super-model husband, and her perfectly behaved, brilliant children. Her produce never wilts, there are no weeds in her flowerbeds, and chocolate is her favorite food group.
And then she wakes up.

Website | Email | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon


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  1. Thanks for sharing! Hot Spell is $.99 thru 9/9, then it moves to regular price. Happy reading! Mia xx

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