It’s not a secret that I’m a bookworm. I love books. The thickest the book, the better. I collect books, I read them compulsively, and I even write them too. So, it’s not really a secret, no. My husband and I moved to Fuengirola, in the South of Spain, three years ago, and the guys from the moving company got shocked when they found out that around 50% of our boxes were labeled as “books”.

I’m a bookworm who is addicted to books. Would you like to know some more confessions related to books? Keep on reading then!

  1. I have already read 28 books since January 1st, when I started my reading challenge.
  2. The very first book I ever read was The Wizard of Oz. I was only five years old.
  3. I taught myself how to read while watching Sesame Street. I looked for the letters they taught in my copy of The Wizard of Oz, and that’s how I learnt how to read.
  4. Right now I have almost one thousand books in my Kindle, waiting to be read.
  5. I have lost track of how many paperbacks and hardcovers I own.
  6. If I don’t read before going to sleep, even if it’s just one page, I cannot fall asleep.still-life-3097682_1920
  7. I’m aware I won’t possibly read all my books before I die, but that doesn’t make me stop getting more books.
  8. My friends don’t want to go to bookstores with me because I can spend hours inside.
  9. I love my books so much that I don’t like lending them to people. Sorry! Buy your own copy!
  10. A friend asked me if he could borrow one of my books while we were in college. He got it back to me with highlighted sentences and notes on the margin written with a felt pen. We are no longer friends.
  11. My favorite author is Jane Austen, and everybody who know me well know that fact.552752_488808774511334_1576672990_n
  12. I like smelling books. I open them and sniff at the pages. I don’t do that just in the privacy of my home.
  13. I used to be embarrassed to admit that I read erotic books. But then I decided that nobody cared about what I read, so now I read them openly. I even translate many steamy books as part of my job as a translator.
  14. I write the books I read and the stars I give them in a piece of paper and put them inside a glass jar.
  15. I queued for hours at the door of a famous library in London just to buy a Harry Potter novel the same day it was released.harry-potter-2240526_1920