WINNER: In 2014, my book The Funny Adventures of Little Nani won the Gold Medal in the Children’s Literature category for the Readers’ Favorite Book Award.
WINNER: Indie Book of the Day Award on 5th July, 2013.
SEMI-FINALIST: Book Cover Contest, organized by, in 2013.


Cinta García de la Rosa is an international award-winning writer, who lives in Spain with her wonderful American husband, who is also a writer. Sometimes they decide to spend a vacation in the States. Apart from writing, Cinta is a full-time translator, editor, and proofreader. You can find her spending her days typing like crazy at her laptop, totally submerged in the book she may be translating at the time.

​Cinta has loved books since she was five years old. She reads around one hundred books a year since then. She has a BA in English Studies, and her field of expertise is Literature. She also took several Creative Writing Courses at Oxford University (United Kingdom).


You can find Cinta spending half of her days like this…

giffed_yourself (1)

… and the rest of the time she is happy, enjoying herself, just like this…


If you want to know more about Cinta and her books, don’t hesitate and contact her. But please be kind. Bullies and nasty comments will be deleted and reported.