Although I don’t follow a specific nighttime ritual for reading, strictly speaking, it is true that I am unable to sleep unless I have read a few pages. Or even if it is just one page.

When it is time for me to go to bed, my Kindle is always next to me in a bed pocket. The Kindle is there every night, waiting for me, willing to transport me to other places and worlds, to make me live all kinds of adventures. So I brush my teeth, I put on my pyjamas if I am not wearing it already, I take my herbal sleeping pill, and I get into bed. And the moment when I turn the light off is when I turn my Kindle on, and I start reading until I feel too sleepy to continue doing so.

And that’s what I do every single night. How about you? Do you read before falling asleep? Do you follow any other kind of ritual? Any different habits? Tell me! I wanna know!