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#Release Blitz and #Giveaway: Raiden Out the Storm, by C.M. Moore @time_for_snow #dystopian #sci-fi #post-apocaliptic #romance


An (Off The Rails) Ice Era Chronicle 2:15 AM
Dystopian / Sci-Fi / Post-Apocalyptic Romance
Date Published: 4/10/2018
Publisher: Troll River Publications
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In the harsh reality of the post-apocalyptic frozen tundra, Raiden fights his growing attraction for Ashley Winsor and her handsome shadow, Stone.
Moving closer to separation the threesome navigate a world filled with angry harvesters, subterranean trains, and hungry polar bears. Through this steamy dystopian trek, Raiden discovers that these two people may be the only thing he loves on this ice bound Earth.
Once they arrive at headquarters a decision will be made… Is Raiden the man who will destroy their fragile relationship, or is he the harvester Ash and Stone need to love?
About the Author
C.M. Moore is a retired soldier, and a romantic at heart. After being blown up in Afghanistan and receiving a purple heart, he began writing with his wife. Connor’s first book 1:05 am is a mixture of love, sex, and action. Today if you are looking for Connor, you can find him volunteering with veteran organizations, and harassing his military buddies. You can also find him attempting to “hunt” in the woods and ponds of Minnesota. In the event you find him in the woods, don’t be scared, he can’t hit anything. If you want to contact him message him at c.m.moore.author@gmail.com 
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#Guest Post: Captain James, a #shortstory by Dan Leicht @Deeliopunk


Captain James
by Dan Leicht

He finished his picture and excitedly ran it over to his mother, a smile across his face as he gave it to her. She took it from him and looked it over. The picture was of a creature, one resembling that of a giraffe crossed with a whale, with flippers instead of legs.
“Is this a dinosaur?” she asked.
“His name is Derrick,” he replied.
“What type of animal is Derrick?”
“He isn’t a real animal, mom,” he replied, his hands on his hips.
“James, this is lovely.”
She took a picture of it with her phone and put it on the refrigerator with a magnet. As he got ready for school she posted his latest masterpiece online so all her friends could see – “My son’s imagination is so incredible! Only 3 year’s old! #HisNameIsDerrick”
“Mom, did you eat yet?” said James, holding a banana.
“Thanks for breakfast, sweetheart.”
She got him ready for school. While at work she found a website that turns children’s drawings into stuffed animals and submitted the picture she’d taken.
A week later it arrived.
“James, I have something for you.”
He rubbed his eyes as he walked over to her; waking up never came easy for him on Saturday mornings. She handed him the stuffed creature from his imagination. He looked from the figure to his drawing on the refrigerator and cried out with joy when he realized what he’d been given.
“This is Derrick!”
“Yes it is,” replied his mother. “Now you can play with him whenever you want.”
He grabbed his new companion by the hand and took him outside.
“Are the thrusters on, Derrick?” shouted Captain James. Continue reading


#Promo Blitz: Marianne’s Memory, by @winonakent #historical #timetravel #romance



Historical Time Travel Romance
Date Published: March 2018
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Marianne’s Memory is the third novel in Winona Kent’s accidental time travel / historical romance series, featuring Charlie Duran and her 19th century companion Shaun Deeley.
A Beatles badge from 1965 accidentally sends Charlie and Shaun back to London at the height of the Swinging Sixties, where they’re mistaken for KGB spies and subjected to a terrifying interrogation.
Rescued by top-ranking MI5 agent Tony Quinn, they soon uncover the details of a child born out of wedlock to Charlie’s mum and the uncomfortable truth about Charlie’s dad’s planned marriage to selfish socialite Arabella Jessop.
Further complicating their journey into the past is Magnus Swales, an 18th century highwayman turned time-travelling assassin, and the timely arrival of William Deeley, Shaun’s father, who’s been persuaded to leap forward from 1790 in order to save Tony from Swales’s deadly mission.

Continue reading


#CoverReveal: Bloom, by @AuthorCassiaLeo #contemporary #romance @inkslingerpr


Today we have the Cover Reveal for BLOOM by Cassia Leo. BLOOM is the third and final book in the Evergreen Series and not one you want to miss! Pre Order today!

Title: BLOOM
Series: Evergreen
Author: Cassia Leo
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release: May 4th


The heart-pounding, emotional conclusion to the Evergreen Series from New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo.

Where flowers bloom, love grows. Continue reading


#Review: Undressing Mr. Darcy, by Karen Doornebos #janeausten #books #recommendation


Undressing Mr. DarcyUndressing Mr. Darcy by Karen Doornebos
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When I started reading this book, I was expecting something similar to the previous one by the same author, but I was totally wrong. And I didn’t like this one better than the other. The female main character is way too annoying.

Vanessa is a workaholic who lives with her aunt, who loves Jane Austen. But Vanessa, who considers herself as very modern and too busy to engage in reveries of times past, really dislikes everything Austen-related. But things will change…

Vanessa is a PR, and her aunt asks her to organise an American tour for an Englishman who impersonates himself as Mr. Darcy and performs a show in which he strips down of his Regency attire while explaining each piece of clothing to his audience of dribbling women. Vanessa organised everything and was prepared for any contingency. But, was she prepared for feeling a strong attraction for her client? I have to say that was quite predictable.

What I didn’t see coming was a drastic change right in the middle of the book. The voice of Vanessa, and even her actions, change radically. But not for the good. I found her annoying, childish, and insufferable. Apart from being the most selfish creature in the world.

The transition from one part of the story to the other wasn’t smooth, and we even lack of some pieces of information that make you wonder if you are reading the same book. But in the end I enjoyed the book. Why? Because I liked Chase a lot. If you want to know who Chase is or why he is so adorable, grab a copy of the book and discover that yourself.


#New #Release and #Giveaway: Fourth Chronicles of Illumination, by C.A. Pack @IlluminationCAP #scifi #fantasy


Young adult sci-fi/fantasy
Date Published: April 3, 2018
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Imprisoned on a distant realm—her love life in a shambles—18-year-old Johanna Charette wonders how to extract herself from her enemy’s grasp. He’s a fool who wants to control all the knowledge in the universe by destroying every book in every Library of Illumination except his own. He’s already demonstrated he’s willing to kill to do it. Johanna needs to resolve the threats against the Libraries of Illumination and protect the people she holds dear. But how?
She has changed—ever since engaging with a secret society of sorcerers—and she believes magic is growing inside her. Meanwhile, her feelings about ex-boyfriend, Jackson Roth, remain unresolved, especially after learning why he broke up with her.

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Nighttime #Reading Habits @CintaEscribe #amreading



Although I don’t follow a specific nighttime ritual for reading, strictly speaking, it is true that I am unable to sleep unless I have read a few pages. Or even if it is just one page.

When it is time for me to go to bed, my Kindle is always next to me in a bed pocket. The Kindle is there every night, waiting for me, willing to transport me to other places and worlds, to make me live all kinds of adventures. So I brush my teeth, I put on my pyjamas if I am not wearing it already, I take my herbal sleeping pill, and I get into bed. And the moment when I turn the light off is when I turn my Kindle on, and I start reading until I feel too sleepy to continue doing so.

And that’s what I do every single night. How about you? Do you read before falling asleep? Do you follow any other kind of ritual? Any different habits? Tell me! I wanna know!



#Review: Definitely Not Mr. Darcy, by Karen Doornebos #janeausten #books #recommendations


Definitely Not Mr. DarcyDefinitely Not Mr. Darcy by Karen Doornebos
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book had been in my to-read list for a long time, and since this year I have decided to read all kinds of books related to Jane Austen and inspired by her novels, I thought it was about time to read this one.

The premise for the story was a funny one, so that caught my attention immediately. A reality show based on the Regency era? Having to live in the same conditions as the characters in Jane Austen’s novels? I really thought the idea was an original one and I found the book highly entertaining.

The protagonist, a divorced mother from Chicago, is obsessed with all things England and Austen. So it was normal that she applied to be a contestant at the show. Who knows? Maybe she could meet her Mr. Darcy and win the show, since she has money problems. However, after arriving to England and entering the reality show, things seem to be a bit different to what she was expecting. Will she be able to survive to Regency England? Will she get rid of her biggest competitor? And most importantly, is she placing her affects in the right man?

The fact is that the ending was quite predictable, and that killed a bit my enjoyment of the book, but overall it is a really good book. The plot is original, the characters stand out and have a distinct voice, and the pace is just about right. If you are tired of reading re-imaginings of Pride and Prejudice, this is the book for you.


#Promo Blitz: Blood and Roses, by Jordan Petrarca @jpetr62381 #fantasy #gangsters


Organized Crime Fantasy
Date Published:  June 2017
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Seven organized crime Families, known as the Seven Blessed Families, rule the World of Exodus and its people with the use of their mysterious magical artifacts, called Relics. Relics give powers to the Blessed members of the Families, and they use those powers for corruption and control of everything in Exodus.
Maretto Rose, the patriarch of the Rose Family, celebrates his 50th birthday by attending a performance at the Grand Theater with three of his four sons. The theater is attacked by the heir of the Cicello Family, Zasso Cicello. His mission is to abduct Maretto, but it fails when Maretto’s son, Georgiano, fights Zasso to protect his father and family. Georgiano is ultimately slain and Zasso flees and goes into hiding. Now, the Rose Family must find where Zasso is hiding. They want answers. Who gave him the order for the attack, and what do they want with Maretto Rose? And most of all, they want revenge…But who could it be? A leader of a rival Family? Or someone or something else more powerful than they could imagine?
Meanwhile, Maretto’s youngest son, Ric, must battle his demons and addictions in order to become a Blessed member of the Family and become the man he was destined to be, before he ends up being another dead junky on the street.
So, sit back and enjoy the ride, because in Exodus, gangsters make the world go round.
Praise for Blood and Roses:
“When I first started reading I thought this was going to be a typical gangster story, and in a lot of ways it was. However, the addition of magical relics, giving the family members magical powers, gives a wonderful twist to the story. The use of modern day technology, including flying cars, adds even more to the unexpected quality of the story. I especially love the scenes where they use magic for a variety of attacks and defences.
The plot, which at first, seemed to be very straight forward, was twisted out of shape by the inclusion of not just one, but several different players. This kept me guessing to the very end of the story about what was happening. Even at the end there are questions left unanswered, leading nicely to the next novel in the series, which I’m dying to read.” -Emie Cuevas, OnlineBookClub.com
So far, it had been the perfect birthday for Don Maretto Rose.  Well, maybe not perfect.  His youngest son was not present for the celebration, and it hurt the powerful man very much on the inside.  But it was still as close as it was going to get to being perfect.
But sometimes, when you least expect it, the unexpected happens…And everything goes to hell.
Outside the Grand Theater, two black extended SUVs came flying from around a nearby skyscraper and hovered towards the ground.  They landed on the street directly in front of the red-carpeted entranceway.  As soon as they were grounded, the doors on each SUV flew open, and gangsters came pouring out like water from a spout.  One of the Rose Family guards and two theater security went into immediate action to stop the unwanted guests from entering the theater.  An array of other guards and security lined the stairs and main entrance.
            Now, a lot of the gangsters spilling out of the cars looked pretty much the same, dressed in regular black suits and fedoras, but there were two in particular that were dressed a little nicer and a little weirder.  They both took their good ole time striding towards the main guard as the other gangsters filed behind them.  The one in front was tall and lanky, wearing a royal blue suit with a matching necktie and white dress shirt.  He bore a blue fedora over his silvery black hair that hung down to his cheeks.  His eyes matched his hair, and his face was thin like his body.  He was draped in gold jewelry around his neck and had gemmed rings on almost every finger.  The pride in his walk signified that he was a man of importance.  And he was.  The man was none other than Zasso Cicello, son of Don Xanose Cicello.
            Walking closely behind, was a shorter man dressed in a shiny silver suit and black dress shirt.  His face was round but came to a point at his chin, and he bore a pair of sunglasses that could be mistaken for a couple of round mirrors.  His long and thin hair was shoulder length and was black with a bluish tint.  He, also, had a certain pride to his walk.  And that’s because he was Zasso’s personal protector and assassin, Razo Malvagio.
            As Zasso and Razo approached the main guard, he put up a hand to signal them to stop and said, “I’m sorry gentlemen, but this is a private viewing and you need to show credentials to enter the theater.”
            In the blink of an eye, Razo came whirling around Zasso, holding a pistol-gripped sawed-off shotgun.  It was pointed directly at the guard, and Razo didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger.  There was a loud burst, and then the guard’s hand exploded clean off his arm, along with half of his face.  His limp body collapsed on the red carpet.  A puddle of blood formed underneath the other half of his face.
            “There are my credentials,” Zasso said to the corpse.
            The two theater security guards reached for their firearms, but Zasso was too quick for them.  Like a gunslinger, he drew a small pistol from his waist and fired multiple shots.  Blood burst out of their chests, and they perished before they even touched their guns.  Zasso and Razo continued on, with their entourage following behind.
            The Rose Family guards and theater security wasted no time opening fire at the oncoming murderers.  They fired numerous times whether it was with a handgun or semiautomatic rifle.  But it was to no success.  Upon the masquerade of bullet-fire, Zasso raised a hand and magically constructed a transparent yellow force field that deflected the bullets.  Then, all hell broke loose.
            Zasso’s gangsters came storming around him and returned fire upon the guards and security.  Zasso and Razo went on the offensive as well with their short-arm weapons.  Blood started spilling, and bodies were falling everywhere.  When Zasso reached the bottom of the stairs, he extended his left hand and bolts of electricity spewed from his fingertips in the direction of his targets.  And at the same time, he kept on firing shots out of his pistol with his right hand.  His targets were electrocuted and blown away by bullets at the same time.  Zasso was Blessedwith magical powers by his Family’s Relic, which made him a very dangerous killer.
            While a few of his men were taken down, Zasso and Razo came away from the chaotic scene unscathed.  The Rose Family guards and theater security were all dead.  It was now time for them to enter the premises of the theater and accomplish what they came here to do.


About the Author

Jordan Petrarca lives in Erie, Pennsylvania with his wife and twin girls. “Blood and Roses” was inspired by his love for fantasy and organized crime stories.
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Confessions of a Bookworm #books #bookaddict @CintaEscribe



It’s not a secret that I’m a bookworm. I love books. The thickest the book, the better. I collect books, I read them compulsively, and I even write them too. So, it’s not really a secret, no. My husband and I moved to Fuengirola, in the South of Spain, three years ago, and the guys from the moving company got shocked when they found out that around 50% of our boxes were labeled as “books”.

I’m a bookworm who is addicted to books. Would you like to know some more confessions related to books? Keep on reading then!

  1. I have already read 28 books since January 1st, when I started my reading challenge.
  2. The very first book I ever read was The Wizard of Oz. I was only five years old.
  3. I taught myself how to read while watching Sesame Street. I looked for the letters they taught in my copy of The Wizard of Oz, and that’s how I learnt how to read.
  4. Right now I have almost one thousand books in my Kindle, waiting to be read.
  5. I have lost track of how many paperbacks and hardcovers I own.
  6. If I don’t read before going to sleep, even if it’s just one page, I cannot fall asleep.still-life-3097682_1920
  7. I’m aware I won’t possibly read all my books before I die, but that doesn’t make me stop getting more books.
  8. My friends don’t want to go to bookstores with me because I can spend hours inside.
  9. I love my books so much that I don’t like lending them to people. Sorry! Buy your own copy!
  10. A friend asked me if he could borrow one of my books while we were in college. He got it back to me with highlighted sentences and notes on the margin written with a felt pen. We are no longer friends.
  11. My favorite author is Jane Austen, and everybody who know me well know that fact.552752_488808774511334_1576672990_n
  12. I like smelling books. I open them and sniff at the pages. I don’t do that just in the privacy of my home.
  13. I used to be embarrassed to admit that I read erotic books. But then I decided that nobody cared about what I read, so now I read them openly. I even translate many steamy books as part of my job as a translator.
  14. I write the books I read and the stars I give them in a piece of paper and put them inside a glass jar.
  15. I queued for hours at the door of a famous library in London just to buy a Harry Potter novel the same day it was released.harry-potter-2240526_1920
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