Claimed by LoveClaimed by Love by Melissa Foster

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

One more cute and sweet story written by phenomenal romance writer Melissa Foster. Gabriella and Duke are sweet and hot in equal measure. When Gabriella has to face the possible selling of her beloved family island, she is not happy at all. When Duke goes to Elpitha, he never thought he would find a hot-blooded Greek woman like Gabriella, who would drive him crazy. Crazy in the good way, of course. What happens when two people who are heavily family-oriented have to face their fears? I won’t spoil anything here, so make sure you read this book.

The story is cute and sweet, but it didn’t have a lot of action or tension, so it wasn’t very gripping for me. But I enjoyed it because Melissa Foster’s books are the perfect escape from reality, and I fantasized all the time about escaping to Elpitha and being able to disconnect from routine and my busy life. If you like hot, hunky heroes and strong female characters, this is the book for you, and I double dare you not to fall in love with the Greek atmosphere of the island depicted in this book.